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1954 ~ 1 Ton - Dual Truck with Lift Option & 19.5" Wheels & Bigger Brakes
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Yes, the Cheapness is Showing through in several Places ~

Extra Thin sheet Metal , Camera that seems to be always Dirty in most weather events ?
Push Button to Open the Trunk , well Yeah it should Open , not just Pop a little bit so You still have to Open the Trunk , Daaa ~

Might as well do it Manually ? Trunk Release 6 Out of 10 = Poop

The Pull Releases to Lower Rear Seats to Load , Oh wait I must walk around and Yes U Guessed it - Lower the Seats My Self After Pulling the Handles . Oh Wait ~ ~

Didn't I just Pull the Release Handles , so WTH is that BS ?

Brakes should have 2 pc light weight Rotors Hats in this Day & Age and Lighter Wheels If Honda really is Looking Forward Sales , MPG for the Fleet Averages etc.

Fit and Finish on Paint & Panel Alignment & Doors being Hung & Fitted - Not just Added to Car Car manufacturing Build millions of Units - but can't seem to

Demand More From Their Vendors of Brake Components ~ ( REALLY )

Seems Honda has Lost Quality in some pretty Large Area's - Hope Honda - straightens out their Issues going Forward ..

Placing a Battery in Front - Mount it Higher then the IC Piping and Place it Forward of the Strut Towers ( REALLY )

Battery should be under the Trunk Floor , in Side Rear Fender - any where except where it is Who Needs Heat to Cook the Dam Battery , Balance to all 4 Corners would be Better

which Means Braking would be Far Better as the ABS could be Dialed Up on Rear Brakes .

Instead there are 5 Brackets , 2 extra Tabs , Holding stuff up in Air so Inter~cooler Hoses can be Snaked extra 2 ft through Engine Bay - this all Leads to 2 Extra Brackets for Main Fuses and 2 More for ECU
All this could be in one Place , Lower set back from Impact so Car would still Run , seeing 88% are Frontal Hits , would have allowed Much Straighter Line for Inter~cooler Hoses
Minus 9 Special Vendor Produced ~ Brackets ~ , Haa ( Cost approx $6.57 (( Each )) Labor saving alone would have Offset the $7 for Copper wiring to Place battery in Rear Side Fender .
Engine Bay Packaging 5 out of 10

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2018 Sport 2.0T 6-speed

Hood flutter
Tachometer doesn't include boost gauge like in Sport mode in the 10-speed auto; No option to turn it on; No update that I've heard of without using Ktuner or Hondata interface on a separate tablet or cell phone
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