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Hi Honda fans,
I have 2018 EX where the display unit won't turn on after I reverse biased battery while jumping. Tool bad warranty just expired 3 months ago. I removed the head unit and there are 3 connectors. One seems to be a power connector and I measured 12V going into the display, 2nd one seems like data connection and third one seems like optical audio out. I was certain that I most likely killed the display unit and really mad at honda not putting reverse bias protection on electronics. I ordered one of the display unit from used part selling company (the car had 7K miles and the unit came like brand new even with the film on it). To my surprise that display won't turn on either. I don't know what to do. I need to sell this car and don't want to take it to dealer since I know it will be a huge expense. I was trying to find some wiring diagram online but i could not locate. I want to at least trace it down to see if I can fix myself. BTW, i hvae already checked the audio fuse in engine compartment and is good. Any help is much appreciated.

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