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So, I have a 19 Accord Touring , wife has 19 Altima, and for both cars my oil changes have been a pain is the @SS . Previous steel ramps are angled up too high without the bottom of the cars hitting them. Tried to jack up and use jack stands, that couldnt work, because once jacked up on side, no proper place to put jack-stands. The front jackpoint is so damn far under the front, and unreachable for my floor jack. So what I had to do was jack up from the side a bit, then push the steel ramps under the tire, then roll up. Totally aggravating process, so today I made my own wood ramps. I didnt make an actual DIY video, only the result. I am posting the measurements in case someone wants to do something similar.

bought 4- 2x12 boards from Home Depot , 8 feet long. Cut them in half for the bottom board (48") , using table saw angled them at 45 degrees. Next board 38" long, then 29.5, then 20.5 , and the top is 12" with a 2x3 block to act as a stopper. They ARE heavy when finished, so I added a handle on each. As with any ramps, people need to be careful not to roll too far. Of course, 2x12's arent actually 2", so the net height of 5 levels will get you about 8" total. So this did the job, and Im happy. Too many failing plastic ramps out there, and Id prefer not to spend $300+ on low clearance steel ramps. Questions/ feedback / criticism are welcome. TY Materials will cost about $85


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