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Do 2022 Honda Accord Touring not have NFC chip

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I thought all Accord Tourings have the NFC chip but mine does not have the white N logo on the wood trim. is it relocated?
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Searching the 2022 Honda Accord Manual for "NFC" or "near field communication" doesn't find anything as it does in the 2018 Honda Accord Manual. Looks like that feature is not available in the 2022 MY. :unsure:
Could it be missing because wireless Android Auto/Carplay can do what that feature does?
According to the 2018 manual the NFC feature will only do two things.... setup Bluetooth of phone, and transfer wallpaper.

Not to say other features couldn't be accomplished/hacked but in itself the system/feature seems to be limited.


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1 - 3 of 6 Posts