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Door Panel Protector

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Does anyone know the difference between these 2? Door Panel Protector - Honda (08Z03-TVA-100A) and Door Panel Protector - Honda (08Z03-TVA-100B)
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I believe that A is for doors with Courtesy lights and B is for doors without Courtesy lights.
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According to Honda's website if you were to add this accessory to your build it's showing the ones w/courtesy light. FYI - I ordered my car in January it was delivered in March and these were on back order. After waiting until July and them not showing up I cancelled the order and received a refund. About a week or two later I got a call from the dealer that they had showed up... by this time I was somewhat leery of getting them due to the backorder date being pushed back several times while I was waiting. My thought at this point was either there is a problem w/product (fit, installation, what have you) or problem w/vendor either of which I didn't want to deal with... I have no information to validate my thoughts just a gut feeling.


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