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Door pillar also covered in vinyl

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So just looking at the pictures of the chrome delete and realized I never posted about my pillars. After thanksgiving were driving back from my hometown of NYC back to where I reside in Maryland and it’s about 2am in the morning my wife just put her seat back to get a little shut eye while we still had an hour to get home. Both my kids are racked out in the back. And suddenly I hear a huge freaking bang against the back window it was so loud I thought the back window blew out and glass was all over my daughter thank god that wasn’t the case. So i pull over to the side of the road to see wtf it was but it was too dark to make out what hit the window. So i get back in the car after making sure it wasn’t the back window drive to the next gas station. Get off the highway and go to Wawa and i find that a big ass egg hit my pillar. Freaking out because there was no where for someone to throw anything at the car no over pass no near by houses. Thinking back to the situation it was super windy when we were on the highway so i am assuming a nest was blown out of a tree and the egg was tossed with it. But yea ima gonna post pictures of what happened that day and tomorrow i will post close up pics of the pillar overlays i went with.


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