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Duplicolor painted calipers

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I painted my calipers red with a duplicolor caliper kit. I made this video to show sime of the steps and final outcome.

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Interesting. According to website the duplocolor spray is only supposed to be used on parts off the vehicle. But they don't make the paint kit on all thier colors. I also saw a couple other different kits besides the G2. I'm considering it after seeing your guys pics but the G2 seems way over priced compared to the VH15 and another I found. Anyone have experience with the other kits besides G2 and duplicolor?
You can get the g2for 46 bucks i believeon there website. It comes with the paint, the retractor, a little brush and also the break cleaner. I don't think the price is too bad, But it's worth it for the quality that you're getting.
Cheapest I saw it for on their site was $62 i believe. Maybe i missed the coupon or something. Will check again. Ty
Is there enough product to do two (or more vehicles) with the G2 kit? Just wondering if it was a couple peeps could go in on one kit instead of having product left over. :unsure:
Guy on Amazon I believe said he did his F150 and had enough to do two full coats on all four with some left over
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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