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Electrical & infotainment system

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I’m definitely getting a Honda accord EAXL 1.5 L engine. I am reading about Problems with the electrical, safety sensing, or infotainment system. Is this a very small percentage of records sold in 2018? It sounds like people go through nightmares when their electrical and computer system have problems. Would you recommend An extended warranty if this problem is common?
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Unfortunately in this day and time when I new generation (or model) is introduced the end user becomes a beta tester. No matter how much testing is done by the manufacturer I think we end up being the "real world' testers. Now as it regards the ESP you have to way out how long you plan on keeping the car, would the ESP benefit you if you plan on keeping it for an extended time past the manufacturers warranty, is the ESP worth it (read the fine print to find out what is covered), and above all remember that ESP's are negotiable.
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I talk to some friends and they told me that if something is wrong with the electrical/computer system, it’ll pop up early within the three-year warranty and most likely after it is fixed, there won’t be an issue with it unless I owned the car for A really long time . Does this sound right for this car ?
I can't deny or confirm what your friends are telling you... in the end it's going to come down to what you are comfortable with. Some say ESP's aren't worth it but those that get them and end up using them and getting there money back (and more) say they are. If you're financing and including it then it only adds a few more dollars to your monthly payment... if you paying outright for it some say to take that money and put it in an account, don't touch it, and if you ever need to replace something that is out of warranty use that fund for the payment.
Good advice. Thank so much!
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