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i had this issue yesterday on the freeway ... just driving 50 mph, and car just started bucking like starved for gas (misfire)or brakes stabbing. no codes or chk eng lights... i think it happens when after switching from eco mode to sport mode or visa versa.. (sport mode to any other mode) took to dealer today and im sure they wont replicate it.. never do.... also makes really odd noise periodically under hood like a growl or grinding noise at low speed.. im at wits end.. love the car but it only has 19k miles ... this crap shoudnt be happening......
Mine did the same thing it's carbon build up in the intake with the GDI motors in the new Hondas. It started at about 30,000 had the intake decarbed at 88,000 and still shutters when I first start it. You will have nothing but problems with that car. I already had fuel injectors changed at 50,000. If I were you I would start looking for another car seriously, iam it's the biggest pice of junk I ever owned. And good luck if you call corporate. That's another big joke. I also own 5 other cars with over 160,000 and still run great. There oil dilution problem in the 1.5l are horrible every other auto maker figure how to solve the problem but not honda.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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