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I’ve been having periodic issues with my 2018 Accord Hybrid when driving at a steady speed whether it’s at 30mph or 60mph. The car almost feels like it stutters or the brakes are activating slightly and then releasing quickly and this will happen repeatedly every few seconds until I take my foot off the gas. It happens both in Econ/Sport mode and I might go a few days or even weeks without it happening at all.

Problem first started when I had less than 20,000 miles on it and over 70K now and it’s still happening. I’ve had it to the dealership twice and they couldn’t duplicate it. Seemed like after one software update I went a few months without it happening but on a long drive it suddenly started again.

Anyone experience anything like this? I’ve never had any dash lights illuminate indicating an issue and the tachometer pretty much holds steady when it happens. No smell of burning brake pads or anything else to indicate a brake problem.
The same thing happens to my 2018 and sometimes the speedlimit on the dash will say 100mph im out of ideas i put cvt trans fix in worked like a charm drove smoother than i bought it then the next day it started again
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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