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EX-L 2.0T Compass Calibration?

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I am not certain that calibration is even required, however I noticed a number of online comments on the subject. My EX-L uses Android Auto and either Maps or Waze for navigation, but of course these apps do not affect the standard compass display in the head unit, only the "derived" compass heading within the app. It's also likely that the car's native GPS supplies a derived heading to the onboard compass display.

First, is it possible to calibrate the compass display, and second, if so, how? I already looked into the developer and other "hidden"settings, but found nothing there.
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I checked both the Owners & Navigation Manuals and don't see anything in either regarding calibrating the compass.
I've never hear of any compass calibration. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but I doubt it. I would go with what you are seeing in the head unit.
I suspect my question is heading nowhere, because somewhere along the way the current system in THE VEHICLE (and particularly recent vehicles) addresses the issue. The online responses to this issue I mentioned earlier seem to apply to vehicles from earlier times. Thanks for the timely response.
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