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EX-L TFT Digital Gauge Not displaying “NAVIGATION” in the Se

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View attachment 1952 I Bought the EXL vs The EXL-Navi/Touring because I was always going to use the CarPlay/Android Auto maps. The HUD from the touring never interested me.

HAD been working excellent since day one, then I took my car in for its first oil Change and I was made aware of the Backup Camera Recall.

My Service agent made me aware that they would be updating the software in order to comply with the recall etc.

Couple days after I picked the car up we were off to a 4HR drive and like always I loaded up my Google Maps and noticed that my TFT Digital Gauge in the Instrument panel was missing the “Navigation” Tab.

I thought nothing of it since when I bought the vehicle the Navigation tab was Not shown until we venture into the settings and selected ‘Navigation’ but unlike before, the Navigation tab/Box to be selected was not there any longer.

I am still trying to figure out what exactly happened to cause this, my service advisor thinks that the techs MIGHT have reloaded the car with an ‘EX’ array of menus Vs EX-L.

I have an appointment to take the car in for troubleshooting as soon as I get back home, hopefully is just a Small Mishap....!

Will update. View attachment 1946 View attachment 1940
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