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False-positive parking sensors alert due to sensors on vehicle in front

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Weird situation which is kind of hard to explain...

I've had my 2.0 Touring since February and noticed this issue not long after buying the car. I haven't had the time to take the car into the dealer but now with a recall due I may have them look at this at the same time.

I'll be sitting at a stoplight, traffic, etc., at a complete stop, transmission in drive. I'll be behind a car which has rear parking sensors in the bumper which is also completely stopped. Sporadically, my parking sensor's proximity alert will come on. In most cases, neither me nor the car in front of me moves an inch and the alarm will stop without any movement of either vehicle. Occasionally, the alert comes on and off briefly, repeatedly, in a single instance. I'm rarely stopped long enough for it to be that much of an annoyance (part of the reason I haven't made time to get to the dealer) since the traffic light changes or traffic starts moving. The one constant is it only happens when I'm behind a vehicle with parking sensors in there rear bumper, if there are no sensors in the car in front of me it never happens.

Anyone else ever notice this happening with their Accord?
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I have a 2021 Touring and have had my front sensors going off for no reason. Dealer could not find anything wrong. But will replace all four front sensors under warranty. Lucky me, we will hope this fixes the problem.

UPDATE: 02-03-23
Four sensors replaced, dealer had the car for two days for a two hour repair. They had painted the sensors to match the car, but only two needed to match, the other two should have been black. They also screwed up the wiring for the LED H light that I put on the front grille. I will have to fix that. They said that they would fix it, but I just wented my car back. Now I will see if the replacement fixes the sensor problem.
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