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Finally got my Sport 2.0! Added some items...

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Got my 2020 Accord Sport 2.0(in auto) in May. Absolutely love this thing! Added a Injen intake, Eibach Sportlines, OEM rain guards. Friend of mine traded his Accord 2.0 in and let me get his Hondata for a steal of a price. All I want now is some nice 19x9.5s and a front lip and I think I'll be done mod wise. Just wanted a quick DD. So glad I went with the 2.0 and not the 1.5. Lol!


So I did a little ricer thing. But I like them. Lol

In case you need it, here's the before and after:
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Added 25mm spacers all around and LOVE the look! Front lip comes in tomorrow. Last things I'll be doing to this car is a tune and maybe BBK. The tune for sure. Not sure on the BBK yet. I don't want to turn this into a project. Just want a nice OEM+ look to it. Clean. Simple. No "stance". That will end up having me getting coils and going lower. Don't want that. Lol!
Hey! Love this look. What suspension did you have kn at this point? How much of a drop?
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