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Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a downpipe

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I made an unboxing video of the RV6 catted downpipe I just picked up for my Accord 2.0t. Its Type-R turbo ready and a real nice quality piece.

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Those Welds are Very Nice ~ Quality an I spent 25 yrs. as Quality Inspector . .

Catted is Not going to cost You - Tq. might be HP only at 6000 rpm ..
Most of time 97% Ride is never in 6000 Rpm range . . Catted is Better in so many ways . .

Smell is Big one , EPA Laws with Fines now @ Inspection Road Blocks by State Troopers is Big one .
Sometimes it's County Boys , but have seen it done when State Places Rookie's Out ~ First Year ~ They'll do Road Block type set up's with Dog and Gracefully walk over to
Car and pretend Not to give Dog any Command's , as soon as Your Window goes down , Up comes Dog . .

I actually got out of My Car chewed one of Their Ass's as I had just had Car Detailed , Dog has His Claws all over Top Door @ Window Sill - I was Like WTF . .
Scratching Up Clear Coat - Really Pal - I see the Little Tiny Tug on Least - I have trained Dogs - You Deliberately Instructed Dog Jump Up on My Paint ..

Training the Rookie's ~ anyhow in Paper next Day They Busted 3 different Hot Rods with Exhaust - No Cats - $1750 .. Fine
Pay Up or 5 Days Jail Your Choice . . , also caught one Guy with 1oz Weed ..
Rookie Training Road Inspections - Looking for any Excuse to get New Guys & Gals ~ Lucky ~ Their 1st Bust . .

No Cats is just an ~ Excuse for Pull Over . .

Agree sound isn't as Good , except maybe 1960-1980' V8 - even those If Cammed & Tuned Properly won't Hurt ..
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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