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I usually drive Nokians, but I got a set of Continental VikingContact 7 tires for this car. I went with the same size 17" tires that are on the non-Sport/Touring models because I wanted the additional sidewall. I went with RTX Turbine II wheels in satin black that I think look really good on the car. The tires seemed to perform well, but I find they usually perform their best after a good break-in. (I've only had them on the car since Tuesday but this was our first snowy day.)
How do you like the Continental VikingContact 7? I'm looking to get these in the next week. I put Continental WinterContact SI on my wife's car and they're great. What size did you get? 225/50/R17 or 215/55/R17?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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