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So, I just did my first oil change. When looking in the setting on the dash it went down to 15% before saying I had to take it in. And the letter under the percentage was A. After the oil change I checked it a few hours later ( sometimes these dealerships don’t reset it ) and it said 100. But hen said B under it. Then later that day hours later, it shows B1. What’s that all about ?
I did my first oil change on my accord on 1/23/19, and after the oil change, I checked the maintenance minder and it said "oil life 100%" and at bottom it said B. I thought that maybe that the maintenance minder was not reset. So I had dealership reset it a couple of times, and it still said B. At first dealership seemed confuse why B code was still there and had not disappeared after reset. One dealership personnel seem to give me conflicting information as to what code B meant. Anyway, I guess maintenance minder was reset because I do not get a maintenance minder alerts for code
B. Only when I go to maintenance minder, do I see oil life at 100% and letter B.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts