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First time Honda owner

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First time Honda owner! Recently picked up a Sonic Grey, 2021 Sport 2.0t. I did a ton of research before buying, so the build is already underway. I’m an OEM+ type, meaning I don’t like to stray too far from the manufacturers intentions, but just enough to dial up performance and aesthetics.

As this will need to serve as a daily driver in the post pandemic world, it needs to be prepared to sit with low mileage until called upon and perhaps see 500-700mi a week if/when the pandemic lets up.

So far it’s done a lot of sitting. But the 790mi I’ve put on in a little over a month have been great. Very happy with the performance, comfort, features and styling. Though I’m eager to make it my own.

I bought the car on cyber Monday, so I was able to capitalize on some deals. Just a start, need to pace myself a bit, or it’s stablemate will get jealous.

Mods to date: First I performed a top down decon, polish and ceramic spray coat. Coated the wheels, inside/out, suspension, door/hood/trunk frames and and engine bay. PPFed the door sills. Debadged the Accord and Sport off the rear.

I added the “d-rings” inside the trunk, along with the OEM inside trunk grab handle and OEM plastic trunk liner. Added LED reverse Light bulbs. In the interior I added 3D Maxpider floor liners. I added a frameless auto-dimming rearview mirror with Homelink. I also replaced the hard plastic trim along the sides of the center console with the leather wrapped and stitched Touring trim pieces.

The car will be garaged at night, potentially parked in a large fully gated parking lot at work, so wheel security is light. OEM black wheel locks should suffice. Progress Technologies rear sway bar is on order and will be installed soon. I also bought the Crux Motors satin black window dechrome kit which I’ll install when the weather warms up a bit.

Wish list includes a 2021 specific front splitter in black. I like the clean look of the S-Factor Fabrication splitter but it’s rather pricy and looks like there are gaps between the splitter and body that might not hold up well here in the winter months. I would love an option to black out all the smoked chrome on the nose. I may pull the front bumper in the spring and try to remove and wrap the accents in the grill and perhaps wrap or try to find a better option for the large piece that runs along the top of the grill. Love some of the ‘18-‘20 options but I don’t think they will work on the ‘21+ models.

I plan to lightly tint the side and rear windows with ceramic and I may look to color match the rear Sport spoiler. I don’t like the black on body look.

Like I said, trying to pace myself, learn the car, figure out what I want to change and start making it my own. A large thank you to this members of the forum, YouTube contributors and the various 10th gen Facebook page contributors for lighting the path.

Stay safe everyone, and happy motoring!


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Welcome aboard... congrats on getting your X Gen Accord!!!
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Congrats on the car. I love this color. I just saw an Accord in it for the first time the other day and it definitely looks good on it. Welcome to the forum
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