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2019 Honda Accord 2.0T EX-L
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haven’t posted here yet and it might be my favorite section 👀
performance mods:
flex fuel (E33-E34)
hondata flashpro derftuned 307whp, 364wtq
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notable roll kills:
• intake/catback dyno tuned WRX
• unknown mods 5.0 mustang
• unknown mods 335i
• few unknown mods STI’s
• unknown mods SRT challenger (sounded auto)
• intake/downpipe/ktuner accord 2.0T 10spd

inconclusive runs with unknown mods Q50 silver sport and E85 STI

lost by a car’s length to a 5-spd 2JZ twin turbo aristo swap IS300. funnest run yet lol

also ran some cars stock, some while simply flashpro stage 2
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