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FS: 10th Gen Accord 2.0 Thermal R&D Exhaust ** SOLD **

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I'm selling my 10th Gen Accord 2.0 Thermal R&D Exhaust. It has less than 80 miles on it. It is basically new. The craftsmanship on the exhaust is excellent. I just want something a little bit louder. I'm asking $650. That is a fair price and a great deal for someone interested. Of course shipping is not included. I used a coupon and ended paying $851.42 a few weeks ago. I preferred to sell it locally, but I'm willing to ship it at buyer's expense. I'm located in the Gainesville area in NoVa.



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You can get one new from Thermal for $840. Use discount code WHIPZ and get it shipped $848.
A bit off topic but how much louder is this over the stock system? From the videos I've seen it worries me that it's too quiet
It is not too quiet. It is louder than the stock and has a nice tone. We can really hear it when you step on the gas.
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Hi 2019UhhCord, The exhaust has been sold already
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