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Fs: price drop!! partout 2.0T - ktuner, prl hvi, lufi xf

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Hello forum users, this is my first post here, I'll be the first to acknowledge that - I actually thought I had an account here,but anyways.

I am a member of the '' other forum'' for sometime with the same username if that helps lend any credibility.

I've recently traded in my 2019 touring 2.0 for a 2022 Telluride and have a few parts I'm looking to move.

All parts are used but in excellent condition.

PRL intake has about 20,000 km's or 12,500 miles. Filter is clean.

Prices are in USD and are as follows:

Ktuner v1.2 $450 shipped
PRL HVI $300 shipped - SOLD!! THANK YOU
Lufi Xf $100 shipped

Take both for $425 shipped.

They made for a great power combo and the lufi is a cool gauge. I had it setup to run a boost gauge, Afr, iat and egt all on one screen.

Payment via PayPal only.

Any questions please ask or txt me 604.842.5640

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