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I own a Sport 1.5. After cleaning my car the other day, I noticed that the ends of the dark chrome grill, on both sides of the car, above the headlights are coming loose and the gap between the grill and the headlights is larger than before. I can press down of the tip of the grill and it will just bounce back up.

I attached a picture to this post.

On the passenger side, I popped off the retainer clip, circled in the picture, to try and see if I could remove the plastic cover to see if I could tighten any bolt to screw the grill back down flush. After popping off the retainer I lost it in the engine bay :sad: Anyone know exactly which retainer clip this is? Need to buy a replacement. It seems different from the bumper clips on the front of the car.

Anyway, the ends of the grill are still loose. Do I need to remove all of the plastic panels to get to whatever's mounting the ends of the grill? I dind't get to it because it seems like I have to remove more of the plastic covers towards the front of the engine bay in order to get to remove the plastic cover on the sides. Any help is appreciated!


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