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Glovebox light

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Decided to install a glovebox light from a 2014 accord. It bolts right in just need a connector and power source. I used switched power from the ANC connector and ground from the frame of the dash.
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Nice job. I wasn't sure if there was a Honda OEM glovebox light for the 10th Gen Accord.

I'm still trying to figure out why Honda didn't put a glovebox light in our 10th Gen Accords. With the exception of my last two Gen Accords, all of my earlier Gen Accords come with a glovebox light. It sure is convenient to be able to see in there at night. And, it's a cheap amenity to add during the manufacturing process.

Only the 9th Gen Hybrid Accord came with a glovebox light, but all other trims/versions didn't for some reason ... go figure!

I added the glovebox light to my 9th Gen Accord Touring and made sure it was connected via switched power for the same reason as the OP stated. I haven't bothered with my 10th Gen as yet, though.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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