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Greetings from CT

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Hello all.

Second time purchasing a new Honda. The first was a 1983 GoldWing motorcycle that I still own and would take anywhere.

Last week we purchased a 2018 Accord EX-L with the 1.5 for the wife. She is replacing a 2005 Camry that we handed down to our son. Hoping to get some of Honda’s legendary reliability. There sure is a lot of electronics for us to learn.

No sense counting the 3 used Accords we purchased for our kids when they were younger since they managed to send them all to the junkyard.

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Great time to get a Honda again. Prior to the new Camry i was giving the new Accord a serious look and coming from Toyota, they're still up for consideration.

Old Camry was boring and mundane, but a tank, new Camry is breaking new ground :D
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