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I finished this about a week ago, but I vinyl wrapped my grill, window trim, and B and C pillars.

I have a Sport and got really tired of the burnt look on the smoked chrome grill from water spots and bugs. I purchased a 5’ x 1’ sheet of gloss black Avery Dennison vinyl off of Amazon (this was plenty for the grill).

For the window trim I purchased the chrome delete kit with pre-cut pieces off of Crux Motorsport’s website; this vinyl was also gloss black.

For the B and C pillars I also purchased the kit from Crux Motorsports in gloss black. Due to the pillars being a high-traffic area for hands closing the doors, I wanted to protect the already piano black area that seems to scratch if you look at it wrong.

While I was on Crux’s site I went ahead and ordered overlays for the reflectors both in the headlights and on the rear bumper, and yellow overlays for the fog lights.

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Nice mods... good job!! 👍
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