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Hasport 62a Lower Rear Mount Review

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This review is for a Hasport 62a unflanged lower rear engine mount that I installed in my 2018 Sport 2.0t with a 6 speed manual (stock engine with a stage 2 KTuner tune). I purchased it new from Axion. Installation was fairly easy, just unbolt the old one and bolt in the new one. I did need to remove the aluminum pan cover and a couple fasteners from a second plastic cover in order to access the mount. I torqued everything back to spec; 55 ft lbs for the two front bolts and 61 ft lbs for the rear single bolt. The quality of the Hasport mount is second-to-none.

Impressions: slightly improved engine response and minor improvement to shifting feel. Truthfully, I was surprised at how little of a difference I noticed. I believe this is because I already had the Hasport 62a upper torque mount installed. Cab noise increase was minimal to none. No additional noise/vibration during normal operation, but if I have the AC running I do notice more vibration when stopped at idle.

Overall I recommend installing the upper torque mount first - it was well worth the money. I’m not settled on whether the lower one is worth another $160 if you’re running a stock, or close to stock, engine.

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As somebody who just installed an upper on my 2.0 ktuner stage 2 6MT this is really informative. I’d been wondering if I should go ahead and do this one next because that upper made a massive difference for me. Solid write up
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