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Head unit swap

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There was some talk but haven't seen anyone actually try to swap the 7" screen for the 8" one? Does it give you Android auto with just the unit and is it plug and play? This is something that's super easy on VW's. I know that there are three connections vs two but is the cable just there and not connected, or not there and you can buy the cable?
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Obviously, disconnect the negative battery cable before doing any of this work. Also, the Touring has a noise canceling feature (like the Bose headphones) that you would loose if you installed the aftermarket unit. But, I gotta admit, the aftermarket unit looks incredible. Does it improve the sound quality? I have the Touring and even with the subwoofer nearly maxed, it still sounds like my 1984 Honda. It's time for Honda to sign on with a real audio company like Harmon Kardon.
No the HU is buried in the dash and connects to the screen via a wiring harness
Hey Ricky I cracked my screen so just buying a new screen on eBay I guess won’t work as they will need to be vin coded to the hu correct? If so is there anyway to do this
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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