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Heater Questions

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2019 Hybrid Touring. I have not had to use the AC yet as I bought the car in December. Heat I generally leave set around 72. I notice that when I turn the heat off, I still get a little warm air flow coming out of the vents. Is this normal? And yes I have made sure heat is not on, fan is not on , etc. I don't mind this but definitely don't want this to happen during the summer.....

Second question has to do with "remote start". If the heat is not on when I turn the car off, using the remote start will turn it on at the last setting? Since there is no display when the remote start is running I don't know what it is doing but there is certainly warm air coming out.

One other thing I noticed is when I have the remote start and heat going, there is a slight knocking sound coming from the engine compartment. Of course in remote start mode when I open the hood the car shuts off so I could not really tell where it is coming from. When I start the car normally the sound does not happen.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced these things, not really problems so no need to take to the dealer (yet)

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