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Here to read-learn from others’ experiences and to provide mine also. Bought a black 2.0t Sport in January replacing an 2011

I’m an electrical engineer so that may be of use. I also follow cars of all types pretty closely.

I do ride motorcycles and mine is a Kawasaki ZX-14R. Any discussions that wind up having motorcycles in it will be watched and possibly commented by me.

Historically a Mazda buyer (last 3 cars were Mazdas). Owned two Honda’s, 1997 Accord LX (stellar experience) and a 2008 Acura RDX (fine handling SUV but a bit unrefined, very poor fuel economy, premium fuel and s few problems caused me to replace but the thing was mechanically perfect when sold). When buying a new car I have a goal to keep them 10 years, and I’ve made that goal just once (with the RDX). Just replaced the RDX with a Toyota Highlander (land barge in comparison to a RDX).
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