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I've already posted a few times then saw this topic so figured I'd say hi and introduce myself. Just bought a 2018 Accord Sport after owning an Infiniti G35 for 13 years. Almost a new car, 2400 miles, was a loaner for the dealer's service department.

As is my style I did a ton of research first. I wanted a sedan for hauling grand kids around but wanted something I'd enjoy driving. I was concerned that whatever I got after the G35 would be a driving experience let down.

2 years ago I never would've never considered either Camry or Accord, their design was too plain. Both looked like bars of soap with wheels. But wow did that change in 2018. I couldn't believe how both cars were transformed inside and out. Since reliability was also a priority, I eventually narrowed things down to these two models.

I test drove the Accord Sport first and loved it. Then went to the Toyota dealership and drove a Camry. Eh, it was OK but the Accord was faster, handled better and I liked the features on the Accord a lot better. And the styling. The Camry is almost too aggressively styled.

So went back and closed on the Accord and added tint and the stage 2 tune. Got those done a few days later then took it to my car audio shop for some serious upgrades to the sound system. I am LOVING this car. Might be a bit slower off the line than my G35 but not by much after the tune, and it moves. Already got it up to 130 mph and it was still accelerating when I had to slow down. And that was before the tune!

This is my second Accord. My first was actually my first new car ever, an '85. That was a great car and it gave its life for me. An elderly guy pulled off the median of I-10 back in 1992 and right in front of me. I went from 70mph to 0 in less than a second. No airbags. That I survived was a miracle. I'll post pics of both cars later.

So glad to be back in an Accord. The safety features are really impressive, styling and performance is great and the interior punches above its weight class. Just a great car that makes me smile each time I get in it. And happy to have found this place.
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