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Accomplished so far:

LED Cabin lighting replacements by Corso Motion. They are custom made for the '18 Accords and you can adjust the brightness.

Added some LED strip lights to cure wimpy trunk lighting (see photos)
Added Cup Holder Hero anti-slip rubber mats to cup holder and storage areas.
Added All Weather trunk liner

Installed 3-D MAXpider floor mats front and rear (the best in my humble opinion)
Paint "protection" coating was installed by dealer. But it's crap. A couple spots already look like the clear coat was faintly etched by some acidic drops. . . rain?

Wish list/to do:
Scotchguard bumper hood protection film
Scotchguard head/fog light protection film
Scotchguard crystalline window tint film
Rear bumper/trunk guard
Install LED floor well lighting
Install trunk/rear bumper protector
Install door sill scuff plates on doors

I'm sure I think of more later on.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts