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Hi guys! New to the community, driving a 10th Gen Accord Touring 2.0
I have a small vacuum that I've used every 2 weeks or so for the last 18 months.About a year ago, the front console 12v socket fuse blew and I replaced it, it's worked ever since.
Until yesterday, the same vacuum blew something as it stopped midway during usage. I checked and tested the #16 & #50 fuses (center console and front console 12v sockets) and turns out both fuses are fine. I even swapped them around and the center console still works.
I'm not a mechanic but understand wiring and basic electrical theory. My only suspicion is that I need to replace the socket, but does this actually fail? And I was checking online and it seems that nobody had the replacement socket to fit my car.

I appreciate the time and help in advance;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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