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Help - Looking for advice on deciding between MagnaFlow and DC Sports Exhausts

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I have a 2020 Accord 2.0T Touring:
Current performance mods setup:
  • PRL Front Pipe
  • RV6 Catted DownPipe
  • PRL Intercooler
  • Mishimoto Cold Air intake
  • Mishimoto Catch Can
  • KTuner with Pherable Stage 3 (Plan to do a DROB tune when the build is "done")
  • Eibach Lowering Springs
  • Eibach Front and rear sway bars
  • DC Sports Front Strut Towerbar
  • Hasport Upper and Rear Engine Torque mounts
I'm debating between getting the MagnaFlow and the DC Sports Exhaust kits. Which one would make more power? I like the sound of the DC sports more, but don't think it's worth the price, especially cuz the MagnaFlow seems better built and includes hangers for each pipe. However, it does lack exhaust tips.
I guess my logic with having a 3" FP and DP wouldn't the MagnaFlow be better to sustain boost since it's 2.5", or would it be better to go with the DC Sports @ 3"
If I went with the MagnaFlow anyone have any recommendations for what tips to get for it? Looking for wither big dual tips, or quad ones.
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It sounds like you know what you want. Plus, DC is harder to come by these days.
How do you figure? I feel pretty split on the decision given the price and the specs, the DC sounds better in theory and exhaust clip wise, but the Magana flow is cheaper, gives more bang for the buck, is supposedly better built, and may be better for a DD car, wish it came with tips tho...
You're citing more reasons to go with magna vs DC. I'm happy with my DC tho. No issues with installation and the product looks great IMO. I went with DC because of the sound and looks. Price wasn't a factor in my decision.
What was the reason you went for the DC? Just the sound, or...?

I would go Thermal R&D. I run the Borla S Type and its very close to the DC in noise. You aren't going to be getting much gain HP wise from an exhaust on this platform. DP and FP pretty much make all the HP. Mostly the DP. You can add tips to any of those exhausts.
Good to know, thanks. Maybe I'll just get tips for the factory exhaust then since it really just comes down to looks and sound? Any that you would recommend?
Sound and it's the best looking one out there for the Accord.
That's fair... I'm really torn on my decision here. What're your thoughts on the MagnaFlow?


Just found this and I think it really helps.
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A lot of guys do tips, remove the resonators and mufflers.
I might go this route tbh, seems like it would be cheaper and the most efficent.
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