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Help !

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So I added subs to the car. And for some freaking reason this issue is happening. When testing everything is fine. Turn the car on off is acc status, but then the next day when you go to start the car. Before the radio even fully powers up something back there is throwing straight bass. LOUD too. Can’t turn it down can’t turn it off until I turn the car off.
Thought the converter box could possibly be bad, switched it out last night. Started the car this morning, same crap. Wtf. Can’t freaking figure it out. Eventually after turning the car on and off 100 dang times it stopped, but once I started driving I got maybe 100 feet and it cut the music off and did it again. Can’t for the life of me figure it out.
Anyone have any ideas ??
In all the systems I’ve done in my cars I’ve NEVER come across this issue. ?
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I got it. For anyone else who sets up. You have to disconnect the anc wire harness or you get interference through the subs. You can get to it easy through the glove box.
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