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Got my 1.5LX in April - about 2500 km on it. Nice. Very fuel efficient (I've been deliberately granny driving (mostly)) and getting great mileage. Should easily get 800 km on current tank with over 2 litres to spare (that's 500+ miles & 0.5 gallons for the olde).

I've been researching putting on a PCV catch can and I'm leaning against it. Reasons are:

  • those with the catch cans are hardly catching anything (3 - 4 ml / 1000 miles); and
  • it appears oil separation is built in to the factory induction system in any case.

To the point that MAPerformance dropped development of their own catchcan system (link below).

{From MAPerformance page} No cyclonic separators; only baffled channels molded into the valve cover to separate oil vapor.

The stock system appears to do a very good job at air/oil vapor separation, as there are minimal traces of oil film on the intake/inlet tract, the compressor inlet, compressor outlet or charge system.
Of those 3 or 4 ml of 'caught' stuff (what didn't get caught by the stock 'catcher') what milliscopic trace would stick to the valves? The vast bulk of that would end up in the exhaust ...

But, always want to hear other opinions.

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