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Hi, Guys ~ anyone have an Oil that like more then Factory Oil ~

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I'll say this when I found the 2.0T down more then 1/2 Qt. on a Very Hot Day with aprox 1100 miles on motor @ Gas Station
I was a little shocked , Concerned as it was Smoking Hot Day and had 400 Plus Miles to Go ..
I added this : It really did seem to be Smoother & Cooler , it's Only good Oil Gas Station had .. so I tried it seems pretty Good .. There may be Better Oils for Fighting Consumption
Or Better at Keeping Oil Viscosity from Diluting by Fuel . .

Just Wondering what Everyone is Using and What they are Finding works Best for them ..

Liquid Titanium | Kendall Motor Oil
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I would use mobile one or German Castrol. Not sure what they recommend on the 2.0t, but 0w20 is a little thin for my liking especially for a turbo vehicle. I would do at least a 5w20-40 or maybe with heavier mods a 10w40.
Oil preference is much like fuel preference... there will be many likes/opinions for both. My thought is as long as you use a recognized brand that meets/exceeds OEM specifications IMO it doesn't matter. Like fuel as long as you use a "top tier" fuel w/the minimum recommended octane then use what you prefer/can get. That's why their are so many different flavors of ice cream... not every flavor is for everybody. ?
I buy from AmericanSyntheticOil dot com they only carry synthetics.

The 2000 Insight calls for 0W20, too because of a 5% increase in CAFE ratings. Whoopee. I've been using 0W30 for over 300K miles.

My Accord is enroute from the factory and I'll change it over at the second oil change.
Eneos, used to burn oil in my s2000 tried all the big name brands from mobile 1, redline, schaefer, and penzoil. The only ones that didn't burn was Amsoil and Eneos. I know its a different car, but that experience just stuck with me.
I Know exactly what You Mean , I was Driving a Big Rig for Grand Fathers Friend He warned Me it drank Oil , so after 1000 miles is was down 2 qt. out of 7 Gallons ..
another 1000 miles and it was down Full Gallon .. so I Added "Marine Grade" 20W50 Diesel Oil 1 Gallon for next 2000 miles it only used 1/2 Qt. . . 400,000 miles on Rig ..

so Yeah Testing what works Best for Your set up makes a Difference ..so Far the Pensoil SYN 5W-20 is holding Well ..
PENNZOIL 5W-20 SYN - using the Patented Gas-to-Liquid ~ process. sorry about My Spelling ~

I may try the Pennzoil Gold also : Your able to Compare all the Spec's on Their Oils Here : Oil Change Coupons and Specials
Mobile One here for the last 20 years and the best thing about it is you can pick it up at Walmart...lol
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Yes, Plus 1 for Buying Oil @ Walmart - very Good Prices for High Quality Oils ..just as I do , I just change earlier then Honda Recommends ..

I been reading : Polyolester Oil Base Stock - have much Higher Temperature Range Ratings for Turbo's and Red Line Oil uses almost exclusively PolyoEster's in Their Products ..
RedLine High Performance or Professional Grade RedLine have - Life & Temperature Range Plus side above many other Oils , but come with Big Price Jump as well ..
RedLine also Blends their Products to Evaporate Less @ these Higher Turbo Temps ~ 400 degrees ..
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