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Just Found this 2.0T Sport for sale in Florida - loos to be New Listing , Not sure what's Up - Lost Job , or Repo , but Low Price

Someone Check it Out :

Yes a little bit low, but it depends on the mileage. It might have 30K+. He doesn't say. Or he could have a multitude of small issues like many of us do and he is fed up with the car, or he wants to buy another one (upgrade to a more expensive brand) and is need of the $. We just don't know... Definitely not a bad price, but I paid $28.5K for my 2019 Accord so $24K for an '18 is within the norm. He could have paid $27.5-$28K...

Go to Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com) and see what new ones sell for. I think the low end of the price range was in the $27K's for a 2018 Sport 2.0T when I looked a couple of weeks ago. Also I am sure the dealer offered him thousands $ less, so $24K is better than what the stealer, heeh dealer would have offered him.
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