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Does anyone still have one of these full sets for sale? Looking to buy one asap. Located in NoLa.
Hi Sanman. I have an OEM exhaust system from my 2018. I replaced in with a Function Werks system. I also have the OEM front pipe. This may not work for you, as I had to cut my old system in two places. The mufflers are perfect, but I had to cut the system in two places to remove it. I know that I am an amateur hack! If you are really interested, send me a message and I can take some pictures. My wife wants it out of the small garage. I'm sure that I would be willing to let it go for $250. Only you would know if it would work for you because it has two uneven cuts. I am in Memphis, TN. Shipping could be expensive, but I would split shipping with you.
--Paul, [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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