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When I first got my 2018 accord, I remember the fluid worked really well, was almost a little sudsy when it hit the windshield. I was curious if anyone happens to know if the dealer uses a certain brand of windshield cleaner, or if they just use the same water/methanol/alcohol recipe that most OEM brands make (BMW and Audi do sell their own concentrates). I asked someone about it my next visit to the dealer and they didn't know what they used.

Not too big of a deal, just was curious to try it out if I can find out what the heck they used at the dealer, I'd try to find it. I'm used to using Rain-x Orange or green, but I know some car owners mention that could screw up your fluid tank and lines in the long run.

If anyone happens to have any insider info regards to that, it would definitely help. If not, does anyone else have any others they recommend? I've also seen concentrate bottles and tablets for sale on Amazon recently, wasn't sure if any of those are good or if they're all a sham.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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