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Honda receives more awards

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It looks like the new Accord, Civic and CR-V just recently earned 2018 Edmunds Best Retained Value Awards. These three models were found to have the highest residual value after fiver years of ownership of any vehicle within their respective categories. Winners were chosen based on two major factors: their market value over the first 5 months and the average projected 5 year deprecation based upon the first 12 months after the launch of each model. Just one more reason to go Honda.
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Honda doesn't do fleet sales!

Honda will always trail the Camry when you factor in Camry's fleet sales to the total number of units sold. Honda does not participate in fleet sales. When you subtract Toyota's fleet sales the total number of units sold is actually pretty comparable. There's an excellent comparison YouTube review of the Accord and Camry on the Redline Channel. The Accord won the comparison according to that particular reviewer.
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