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Honda to pause Accord production

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So it looks like following low sales figures, that Honda has decided to halt production of the 2018 Accord at its Ohio plant for 11 days over the coming months. It was only a matter of time before they made efforts to decrease the backlog of Accords, sitting on dealer lots. Think this is indication that Honda made a mistake by discontinuing the coupe model?
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No. I believe it's still two major things. No sales incentives/special offers and majority people hate the design. You can look up car reviews and forums... or even Honda Accord Facebook ads. People just hate the design overall. Some like it. And what really turns people away from the dealership is no incentive and no special offers. As of this day, regardless of production or not. The dealerships aren't doing any offers on these cars until end of the year or next year. It's all standard financing with military specials, etc.

It's a smart financial move for Honda to stop the 18 Accord and to re-think what went wrong. I am thinking this is going to become similar to the 9th gen Civics from 2012. Hence the new redesign on the 9th gen from 2013-2015. Source: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/h...civic-sedan-ahead-of-debut-2012-l-a-auto-show
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