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Honda to pause Accord production

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So it looks like following low sales figures, that Honda has decided to halt production of the 2018 Accord at its Ohio plant for 11 days over the coming months. It was only a matter of time before they made efforts to decrease the backlog of Accords, sitting on dealer lots. Think this is indication that Honda made a mistake by discontinuing the coupe model?
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It wasn't discontinuation of coupes. Sales for them over last several years was dismal. It might also have something to do with the SUV craze and slow acceptance of Turbo engines. But definitely an extreme lack of marketing and incentives!
The supposedly non acceptance of turbo engines is a mystery to me. Ford is having great marketing success with their Eco Boost engines. The most conservative customers of all, truck buyers, are loving them. With a Formula One and Indycar using turbos for many years, they are accepted by the racing crowd as well. Honda engineering should be proud of the way these ‘18’s perform. Love my 2.0T Sport 10 speed. I drove a 1.5 CVT. It works very well too. Nissan and Mazda have added turbos. Are they in trouble too?
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