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HondaHandFreeLink connectivity problems in 2018 LX Accord

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Hello Folks,

I need to know if there is a way to reset the Honda non-touchscreen radio system is my Accord 2018 LX without removing the batterY Terminal.
Below are the problems i am facing with my Honda Stereo system.

1- It connects the phone but every time I switch off the engine, it just doesn't pair again.
2- The problem exits for Bluetooth and Pandora connectivity both.
3- I have tested it on Apple and Android device and its the same for both.
4- Sometimes it pairs but the sound doesn't come, neither from phone nor from the Car speaks.

5- The CallAttend Button doesn't do anything (when kept pressed for a few seconds) and the phone button on the system also doesn't work, so I am unable to the list of the phones already paired with the phone to remove them from the system.

Any inputs welcomed, i would also be interested to know if anyone else has experienced the same issues in LX model ?
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Hi all,
I just came across this thread as I am dealing with the same on my 2018 Accord LX Hybrid. Did your dealership charge you to perform the software update? and if so, did it fix the issue or has it come back? I have tried every trick in this thread from secret menu (which doesn’t help as it has no reset option) and my phone button doesn’t work so I can’t delete devices either.

UPDATE: I took it to the dealership, they charged me $120 for the diagnostic and then said we couldn’t figure it out so we recommend just replacing the whole radio for $1100. 😐
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