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I fought with HondaLink "support" for a month before they finally fixed the issue with being able to lock/unlock and start the car. Turns out there was a conflict on my Honda account and it had my old Accord on the system so their back end was confused - their explaination.

My advice is to call HondaLink and you need to stay on them until the issue is fixed. When they would tell me the issue would be resolved in 5 business days, on the 6th day I was on the phone with them and if the tech that was assigned to my case wasn't available, I would call daily until I got an update from that tech. Every time you follow-up with them mention that you want a credit due to being on a trial and you can't really take advantage of the service. When they finally got my end sorted out they put a $100 (CAD) service credit on my account.

Hopefully your experience won't be as frustrating as mine.

Good luck!

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