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Selling HONDATA for 1.5 Accord anyone local to los angeles hmu on my instagram @boostedxaccord we can work out a price
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Are you getting rid of the car or changing products. Interested because I am looking at getting one for my 2.0 so always looking for opinions from actual users.
Neither of those options brudder just trying to start focusing more on stance, bags, wheels, and exterior looks.
But, i had the same doubt you have choosing which one to go with i did my research and ended up with hondata why? Well because they have been around the longest and actually have safety limits. I have peers that had ktuner and switched up to hondata for one of the biggest factors that ktuner messed up his car twice lol. I feel my car more safe with hondata. Up to you man its your preference but i recommended reading peoples reviews thats what i did.
Really appreciate the feedback this was exactly what I was looking for. I read as many reviews as I could find but found real no definitive direction to go in. I think you sealed the deal on my decision. Did you happen to notice a mileage change under normal driving conditions. I suspect its hard to drive normally knowing what changes it offers but I am not under the pedal a lot to and from work, my commute is short and mostly side roads. Didn't want to have to switch back and forth if things were mostly the same with regular driving. Again thank you for the candid feedback
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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