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Hondata vs KTuner Torque Curves

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I am running a Hondata stage 2 tune on my 6 speed manual. Otherwise all stock for the engine. I notice when I’m cruising in 4th, low RPM (2000), and roll on the throttle, I have small surges in power. Looking at the torque curve provided by Hondata, that makes sense.

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When I look at KTuner’s published torque curve, it is much smoother.

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Question 1: can someone explain to me why Hondata’s curve is so jumpy?
Question 2: for those with the KTuner and a manual transmission, is the power delivery as smooth as the graph makes it appear?
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Respectfully, I don’t understand your comment. The x-axis for both graphs is RPM. The y-axis for both graphs is lb-ft. The scale is slightly different for the x-axis, but nowhere before peak torque does the k-tuner drop 20 lb-ft of torque, whereas the graph says that Hondata does.
Again, I respectfully disagree. Both graphs show torque vs RPM. Both graphs have a linear RPM scale and linear torque scale. Yes, the cars are different and yes the dyno machines are different, but that shouldn’t result in a radically different curve. It is the same engine in the same model car after all. They should be comparable, though not taken as gospel truth.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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