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How is your rear door fit?

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Neither rear door on my 2019 Accord EX-L fits particularly well. At the upper crease line, the left door noticeably sat out from the rear fender. The right rear door wasn’t as bad, but still didn’t fit smoothly. Oddly, beneath that upper crease, both doors lined up with the rear fenders perfectly.

I had my dealer adjust the left door, which now fits well at the upper crease, but sits slightly inside the rear fender line. I did not bother with the right door.

Is this common, or did I just get a car with a bad factory fit? General panel fit on this car is far from perfect , but that left rear door was really not good. It still bothers me, so I may just let my very good local body shop adjust both doors for me.
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There has been previous posts regarding misalignment of body panels. Here are a few threads discussing this...

Gaps in grill


If you can post some pictures of the misalignment of yours.
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