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It seems like you are looking for 2 different answers here. In your thread title, you are asking how much torque the 10AT is rated for. I cannot find the article right now, but I remember reading Honda released that the new 10AT can handle up to 300ft-lbs through this transmission. This rating applies to all platforms - whether Accord or Odyssey.

In regards to your other question, keep in mind that towing capacity in a lot of cases is a "cover your butt" number that the manufacturers put out, and is not always a technical limitation of the components. There are all kinds of factors that help them (their lawyers) arrive at a "safe" number here - especially around things like vehicle weight, braking capacity, and having the right class hitch. You will see in some cases towing packages coming with things like lower gear ratios, external trans coolers, and built in trailer brake controllers ... but from your research so far it sounds like these are not a factor here.

My guess is, the Accord is capable of 3500lbs just like the Odyssey, but it just won't get the official factory stamp. It could be above their comfort level for gross vehicle weight, braking capacity, suspension squat due to tongue weight, weight distribution being too far off reasonable specs, or a host of other factors. None of which I see the transmission being one of.

So where is that document that they released? Would you be able to post it...:devil:?
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