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Hello guys, I am owner of USDM Accord 2018 EX-L 1.5T. I am live in Europe, car was imported by previous owner when he moves from San Francisco to Prague, Czechia.

Here in Europe, we use Celsious to define temperatures, so it is little bit unconfortable to have it in Fahrenheit. I also see some post from USA guy, who got Cannadian version of Accord and he is in opposite situation.

I did research and find out, how to change units in our Accords. It is about hardware replacement.

Behind the glove box is climate blower unit. There is computer assy unit mounted on the right.

USDM part number - 79600-TVA-A41 - programmed to work with Fahrenheit
Cannadian part number - 79600-TVA-C41 - programmed to work with Celsius

This is only hardware you need to exchange.

Celsius are show with decimals and step is half degree. It will be show correctly on infotaiment system, but not on the climate control panel, where are no decimal numbers on USDM version hardware.

If you want decimals on control panel, you need to exchange also this part

79610-TVA-A51ZA - USDM Touring trim
79610-TVA-A31ZA - USDM EX-L
79610-TVA-C51ZA - CAD Touring trim
79610-TVA-C31ZA - CAD EX-L

You can find correct panel for your trim in hondapartsnow.com catalog and them just replace A to C to get cannadian version.

All parts are available on requst via Honda dealer network.

Replacing parts is expensive way, but there is another option. We can flash firmware in computer assy unit using UPA programmer. There is 93C86 chip, which can be flashed.

Passive circuit component Circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic engineering Electronic component

I am waiting for my programmer to arrive, I update this post in two weeks. I am also playing with idea, that climate control pannel display is same on both USDM and CAD version and there is only different firmware. I will see when I read eeprom from both panels. (I was lucky, I got cannadian pannel from eBay for just ~$50.)

Regarding clima control panel, there are different displays, so only way to get decimals is to buy canadian version of panel. On the other hand, decimals are show on infotaiment screen, so it is not so important and this panel is so expensive, about $300.

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Hello everybody, I have update regarding this. In meantime I got my programmer UPA-USB S and on eBay I got from UK company in-circuit dongle and lead set for UPA. I read EEPROM 93C86 using supplied program. I have to select x16 version, which means it is 16bit. Read was successfull, but I am not able to figure out, which bites in firmware I have to change.

I navigate to drive2.ru website, where I found two guys claiming, that they know how to do it.
Some guy from Minsk, Belarus
and second one from Moskow

unfortunattely, these guys are not very shareable and ask $130 to $200 for binnary file update. I decided to order original honda unit from Canada, part no. 79600-TVA-C41 (got C43) via torontohondaparts.com. I received it this week and I read eeprom immediatelly. I flashed it to USA version unit 79600-TVA-A41 and it works too.

I share canadian and also american firmware here next week

In case, you are not able to flash it yourself, I can offer you flash service. I have one unit spare, so I am able to send unit to you. When you installed it, you pack and send me back your old unit. I flash it and can use for another customer.

If anybody interested, PM me.

Some photos:
Font Rectangle Auto part Bumper Carmine

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Office supplies Office equipment Automotive tire Auto part Typewriter

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design

Light Thumb Gas Engineering Auto part

and here is result:

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