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I posted the list below earlier of my wish list (my car is a 2.0T so application & prices might not be applicable to your car) for an idea of mods you could consider.

PRL Civic Type-R FK8 P600 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade $2649.99
PRL Plug ‘N Play Flex Fuel Kit $499.99
PRL High Volume Intake System $399.99
PRL Street Downpipe & Front Pipe Combo Upgrade $829.99
PRL Intercooler Upgrade $599.99
PTP Turbo Blanket (PRL) $135.95
K-Tuner or Hondata $649.00/$695.00
Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can $270.00
Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System $1,049.99 (PRL)

With that list or any performance mod you may consider there will be one caveat.... if your car is an automatic (CVT) then you will want to be careful how much performance/power increases you do as it (CVT) is a weak point.

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If you're in warranty still and worried about it don't bother with this but if thats not a concern for you the Ktuner/Hondata route is 100% the way to go. the 1.5 takes well to a tune and the cvt will be ok so long as you're not out ripping on it all day every day. I can link you the tuning survey from the civicX forum if you want to make up your mind on that. lots of good data of people tuning the 1.5 from the civic from base to sport to Si and cvt to 6mt. I'm partial to ktuner as I used it on my Si and now my Accord 2.0. It really wakes the car up and makes it a blast to drive.

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A car with turbo and intercooler it's very easy to tune especially with programs like Honda data and Ktune but I dont advice you to tune your Honda Acoord 1.5t due to the weakness of CVT I saw many people cried when they broke the CVT. the maximum hp you can achive it's about 210hp approximately,
210 - 192 =+18 hp so it's worth nothing to break the must expensive part in your car.
some people says I already add many parts to my Civic and it's run pretty good (raelly!) Civic comes with 174 hp so 210-174 = + 36hp different.

For your info Accord 1.5t middle east version comes with 198hp if your target to enhance gaz peddle response and reduce turbo lag it's seems to be ok to achieve 202hp other ways trade your 1.5t with 2.0t and enjoy your life.
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